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River Towns and Festivals on the Mississippi River

River Towns and Festivals on the Mississippi RiverThe Mississippi River is accompanied by many towns and cities located along its shores from beginning to end. These historic and prestige river towns provide most of the activities that take place along the river, and vary in size, culture and history. The upper Mississippi River valley has a rich cultural heritage and the towns and cities have many unique qualities, natural features and historical sights, particularly in the upper region. River towns located along the Mississippi are not only a perfect location to raise a family, but also provide a wealth of opportunity with heritage resources that the magnificent river provides. The precedent cities and towns located along the Mississippi River feature historic buildings, glorious wooded bluffs and parks, art and antique shops, as well as many other unique landmarks that make river towns very precious and exclusive. Smaller river towns in the upper valley are absolutely beautiful and provide one-of-a kind views from the towering bluffs that surround them. These towns are considered to be natural gathering places along the brilliant Mississippi River.

River Towns and Festivals on the Mississippi RiverRiver cities and towns not only provide unique features and resources for people, but also many festivals and other great forms of entertainment. The Mississippi River is the perfect location to host year-round festivals and activities for all ages, with distinctive celebrations for each different season. River Towns and Festivals on the Mississippi RiverFestivals that are hosted in the upper Mississippi River valley include Riverfest, Applefest, Oktoberfest, Blues Festivals, Germanfest and many other cultural fests. There is also July 4th celebrations and fireworks, art events and lumberjack competitions just to mention a few of the fun festivities that take place in the towns and cities located along the shores of the Mississippi River. Accompanying these great river festivals is live music for all ages, which allows for people to dance the night away on the river. Festivals on the Mississippi River are a fun and exciting way for people to enjoy the exceptional river and all of the culture that it has to offer.

Fun Facts of the Mississippi

The Mississippi River drains all or parts of 31 states and 2 Canadian provinces!

The largest state east of the Mississippi River is Georgia!