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Seasons on the Mississippi River

The upper Mississippi River valley provides a magnificent portrayal of the seasons. Each individual season offers different views, highlights and exhibitions for the specific time of year.

Winter in the upper Mississippi River valley gives people unlimited opportunities to enjoy the unique holiday season. Watch the falling snow, cuddle up to a warm fire, or just listen to the winds whisper through the crisp winter air. Enjoy the downtown stores and galleries located along the Mississippi. Seasons on the Mississippi River For the recreation lover, winter allows for some of the best snowmobiling, skiing and ice fishing that North America has to offer. Hundreds of bald eagles are often spotted in the upper valley as they roost for the winter months.

Springtime is a time of growth and opportunity in the upper valley. The majestic Mississippi River opens again for navigation as migrating waterfowl return to join the robins and finches in the area. Watch the hills, bluffs and wetlands begin to green, as the wildflowers bloom with wonderful hues and colors. Refresh yourself by smelling the blossoming air as you walk, bike and enjoy the upper Mississippi River valley's beautiful and pristine nature trails on a bright spring day.

Summer is the season for enjoyment and recreation as the upper Mississippi River valley is in full bloom. Enjoy the numerous summer festivals and music that provide entertainment all summer long on the shores of the river. The recreational activities are endless during the summer months. Hike the magnificent bluffs or fish, boat, swim and canoe the mighty Mississippi all while enjoying moderate summer temperatures. Seasons on the Mississippi River Pick the berries, enjoy an ice cream cone, lie on a beach, enjoy the numerous great parks with a picnic or watch a romantic sunset from the bluffs. All of these are just a small list of things the summer season has to offer in the area.

Fall is the time for glorious change as the season is highlighted by the magnificent fall hues that light up the rolling hills, grasslands and bluffs in the area. Bring along your camera to capture the breathtaking fall moments in the upper Mississippi River valley. Enjoy the apples and ciders of the area, attend the fall festivals, carve a pumpkin or just enjoy a nice fall walk through the precious trails in the area. Fall is truly a magical season with endless opportunities along the Mississippi River.

Fun Facts of the Mississippi

The upper Mississippi River is considered a natural resource of global significance!

An earthquake in 1811 sent the flow of the Mississippi River backwards!