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Recreation On The Mississippi River

Every year millions of people come to the upper Mississippi River valley for recreational purposes.Recreation on the Mississippi River The area contains hundreds of the best state-managed parks, nature trails and recreational areas. The river and valley streams provide the perfect environment for a quiet canoeing experience. Boating is the biggest recreational activity on the river, which brings approximately 6 million people to the area annually. In addition to boating is water-skiing, tubing and private beaches for swimming. Houseboats and pontoons are very popular and can be rented in most areas in the upper valley, giving people the luxury to take their own personal sightseeing cruise of the mighty Mississippi. One of the main attractions on the river is riverboat gambling. Steamboats offer luxury cruise rides with casinos right on board for gambling entertainment.

Hiking and sightseeing are also very popular in the precious upper valley environment. The upper valley offers thousands of miles of bicyclingRecreation on the Mississippi River trails through the serene and untouched woodlands. There are also thousands of public and private campsite locations that can be found along the upper part of the Mississippi River. Horseback riding is available on most of the various state trails located in the area. Snowmobiling is an ideal winter sport in this region, containing thousands of miles of groomed trails that wind through the scenic bluffs and valleys. Cross-country skiing and downhill skiing are some of the most popular sports offered as winter recreation activities in the area, with freshly groomed trails and hills. On top of all the sport activities, there is hunting, bird watching and year round fishing.

Fun Facts of the Mississippi

Recreational activities on the river provide approximately 18,500 jobs!

The Mississippi River is the defining geographic feature of the mid-continent!